Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm now a tour director

So we have custody of Vid's parents for the week; they came on Thursday 7/3 & will be here until next weekend. I'm taking Monday & Tuesday off from work to do touristy stuff with them & Vid will be in charge of entertaining them Wednesday through Friday.

We had a nice 4th of July; it was spent in Jamestown. First, we went to Beavertail where his parents got to stick their feet in the Atlantic Ocean & see the lighthouse. Anything that concerns water is a big hit with them. Then we went to a family friend's house for a clambake. The family friends actually have lived in Hawaii for the better part of 20 years but came back for a visit as they do every couple of years; they were here for our wedding, in fact. Their oldest daughter who is my age & was my first "best friend" was also there; she now lives in Connecticut, is married & has 3 kids of her own. I hadn't seen her since she was still single & not yet a mommy! It was great to catch up; she's only about 2 hours from my parents so we exchanged e-mails @ cell #s in the hopes of being able to do more catching up. It's kind of funny how when you get to be my age & are thinking about starting a family in the near future that a lot of your own friendship decisions are based on whether or not the folks you may hang out with are child friendly themselves or have kids you wouldn't mind having your kids be around.

Here we are at Beavertail:

Here's a photo of me & Chrissy with her youngest child:

Saturday we took them to their first American baseball game followed by fireworks. My dad had a great time explaining the fundamentals of the game to Vid's dad; India is a cricket playing nation. He was also intrigued by the ballpark snacks. I think the only food he didn't try were hot dogs because they're forbidden since they're made of beef!

Here's dad, Vid's parents & Vid (I was taking the photo, mom was sitting on the other side of me which is why she isn't in the photo).

His parents are also fascinated by the washer & dryer; I felt like a salesperson at Sears today giving them the specifications of how they operated as I was doing laundry. The dishwasher has also been a big hit as has the swimming pool.

We will probably head down to Newport either tomorrow or Tuesday & take in a mansion, walk the Cliff Walk & generally be tourists for a day. Every place I've taken them to so far they've collected numerous brochures as souvenirs; they truly are sponges soaking everything in which has been neat to see.

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Mrs Little Fisch said...

Good to hear that your meeting with them is going so well ... nice pics!