Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weird & vivid dream

I had one 2 nights ago & it's been on my mind since. I kept trying to find a place to pee on an at-home pregnancy test since I couldn't do it at my parents' house without getting into trouble. And I really had to pee BADLY; it was an uncomfortable dream! And when I finally peed on it, it was positive, I started crying & woke up.

Vid & I have been living at my parents house since he got laid off in January so there is a bit of reality in the dream. But why would I be hiding a pee stick from my parents? It's not like I'd be some 16 year old kid knocked up; I'm married & 29 for God's sake! I was an adult in this dream, FYI.

Given our current economic situation they probably wouldn't be thrilled with the timing; I know I wouldn't be. We've pretty much planned all along to start trying around the end of this year, but this is (of course) so long as he is employed & we are therefore moved out of my parents' place.

I have memorable dreams fairly frequently, but they're usually repetitive; some I've had since early childhood. And I've never had a pregnancy scare dream, even back in the days when I was single & (kind of) living it up. I have had a dream where I was wearing a hospital gown, walking up and down the hospital halls with an IV pole in active labor. And instead of needing to pee badly in that dream, I felt pain; perhaps contractions? But that was several years ago & I haven't had it since. But I remember it like it was yesterday.

So what does the POAS dream mean? I did go off BCPs last month to give my body time to get itself "normalized" before we (hopefully) TTC this winter. But we've been using condoms (much to the hubby's dismay) since with no known issues. And since this is my first cycle off BCPs I have no idea when the Red Tide is coming.

I took my last active pill on 6/7/08. Should I be having a flow akin to that of Niagara Falls by now? It's been over 30 days since Aunt Flo's last visit. Which I didn't even realize til looking a the calendar just now.

No keeling-over cramps or (TMI) diarrhea yet, which were normal in my pre-BCPs days back in high school. But no boob tenderness or wanting to vomit, which if I were knocked up I would most likely be experiencing, right? I've never been preggers before, after all.

With my luck I'll get it on the fucking plane ride to Las Vegas for our belated honeymoon this weekend. That would be too perfect.

But I'm also slightly paranoid; should I POAS?


Anonymous said...

You should POAS. But then if you do and it comes back positive, it is going to put a damper on the honeymoon? If so, you might ought to wait to POAS until after you get back so you can enjoy the honeymoon.

Mrs Little Fisch said...

I think you know how the internets feel about POAS - do it, do it, do it. I hear you on the financial side of TTC, but you know what? Plenty of couples (most of my grandparents, great-grandparents, etc included) weren't 'financially perfect' when they started their families, but they were fine.

Good luck - I hope you get the result that's best for you, whatever it may be this month!

Mrs Fisch (Calla from WW on FB)