Friday, July 25, 2008

Las Vegas = AWESOME!

Our honeymoon was GREAT! the Venetian was beautiful; by far the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in. Neither Vid nor I are gamblers (even if we could afford to be); we spent maybe 2 hours playing slots the whole 4 days we were there. We went to Hoover Dam & Red Rocks; we didn't have enough time to go to Grand Canyon but we did see it from the plane on our flight home. We'll definitely do it in person next time though! We rode the monorail up & down the Strip, walked around several hotels & just generally soaked in the Vegas atmosphere.

The one sucky thing was our flight got delayed about 3 hours on the way home due to shitty weather back on the east coast. They actually had an F1 tornado in RI just 1 town over from where we live; weird! So our 11:30pm arrival ended up being 2:30 am & I had to be at work for 7am. Let's just say thank God for Dunkin Donuts!

Here's the link for pictures of our trip.

So back to reality. :( Oh well. Vid is now at least working on a temporary basis part time for a Brown University prof doing math-type data analysis stuff; maybe she will "know someone" who can employ him permanently. He's working half the hours & making twice what I do full time; who said grad school isn't worth it? Hahaha!!! I'm still also semi-looking but not killing myself since we still don't know where in the world we (literally) may end up.

To be continued...

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