Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ahhhh, Maine...

We started our vacation in Ogunquit where we had visited when we first got married back in February as our "mini-moon". Here's a photo from the beach off the Marginal Way:

While we were there we went shopping @ the Kittery Outlets & got some great deals. Then we went to L.L. Bean in Freeport on our way to Bar Harbor. Vid got new snow boots; I must say I was rather disappointed in their teeny tiny plus size department. They did, however, have a super cool gingerbread lighthouse:

The place we stayed @ in Bar Harbor was gorgeous! Check out the view from our room:

Bar Harbor is on Mount Desert Island where the majority of Acadia National Park is. Because it was so late in the season some of the roads in the park were closed to vehicles due to icy conditions (not a good thing on the side of a mountain!). Still, there are a series of carriage roads which are now used as hiking trails; they are "paved" with small pieces of shales that have been shattered. We walked on a few of them; some of them have hand-hewn bridges over them that are driven over. Here's the view on one of them:

Acadia is a gorgeous combination of mountains and water:

The sunsets are spectacular:

It was a bit on the chilly side but sunny the whole time we were on vacation. However, the weather turned crappy just in time for our 6 hour drive home; traffic in Boston was insane but we got home in one piece. Every time we go to Maine we want to go back; someday, when we win the lottery, I want a house on lake there...

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