Saturday, November 15, 2008

The US government is not the model of efficiancy

Oh looky-loo what came in the mail! Our appointment with immigration has finally been set 8 months after we filed & gave them several checks worth thousands of dollars! And they wonder why we have so many people who bypass doing it the right way.

December 16 @ 2pm in the afternoon it is! Needless to say, my baseline neurotic husband is even more neurotic than usual. He is convinced they are going to deport him despite the fact he has never been out of status. I told him when they look @ our taxes they'll know we didn't marry for money so it must be love. Well, that & the fact we were both nerdy grad students when we met. I could totally use this to my advantage this next month, telling him if he doesn't do "X" I'll tell the Feds he married me for a green card. He does not find this amusing but I do. Hehehe...

But seriously, I hope everything goes well. We've got the support of family & friends so God forbid anything goes awry we will fight it. He's also let his work know so they can help if need be too. So hopefully his temporary green card turns into a permanent one just in time for Christmas!

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