Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Presenting our Routan baby!

You've probably seen the obnoxious Vokswagen commercials with Brooke Shields talking about people having babies for a Routan. Well, there actually is a Routan baby maker! I uploaded a recent photo of Vid & one of myself. Here are the results:

My dear, sweet husband exclaimed "He's so cute!" upon seeing this. He kept looking @ the computer screen & smiling. I can only imagine what he will be like when we have a real child. Well, after he passes out from the sight of blood at the birth, of course.

Of course, I did this on the day my period arrived & had to tell him we weren't pregnant this cycle. I think he was more disappointed than I was to be honest; it was only our second month of trying & I know it can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to conceive for a healthy couple. I think his disappointment is partly due to him being brought up as an Indian male where your manhood is closely tied to your ability to produce children, preferably males. Although Vid talks about having a daughter (he has a name picked out for a girl, not a boy) as much as he does about having a son.

But also, he is very much excited to become a dad for the experience of showing the world to a new being. I've seen the way he interacts with my friends' kids; he's a big guy with a deep voice but they love him. He also has a child-like wonderment about him. Sometimes, honestly, this trait annoys me. I tell him he's 5 at least a few times a week. And going grocery shopping with him means being asked "Can I please, please have this?" over & over again while I watch a mother with a toddler being asked the same question down the aisle. However, I have no doubt he will be a great dad when the time comes, hopefully in the near future.

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