Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy belated Father's Day (I guess)

Yesterday was Father's Day here in the good ol' USA; we went to my parents' house for a cookout. Well, we cooked food on the grill then eat in inside since it was pouring rain & in the 60s. We also did some laundry while we were there & I finished crocheting a baby blanket for 1 of my 4 pregnant co-workers. If something's in the water, my Brita water bottle is certainly filtering it out!

I asked Vid about his thoughts on the day, if it affected him the way Mother's Day affected me this year given our IF dx. He said he didn't think about it a lot being they didn't have a day like this in India when he was growing up. However, he did say he hopes he will be more than a "doggy & kitty daddy" by next year. Actually, he is convinced that we will get pregnant with our 1st IUI because our RE is a graduate of Madras Medical College which is apparently the medical school to go to in India. Kind of like he's been convinced I'm pregnant every cycle, I guess; I wish I had his optimism.

So tomorrow is another stop on the road to hopefully getting pregnant. I get the pleasure of having an HSG @ 8am. Yay! I am hoping they don't find anything funky in my ladybits; my RE says he doubts it given my regular cycles. Hey, at least if they do find something odd we'd have a reason for our inability to get pregnant instead of an "unexplained IF" dx.

Should all be well with my ute, we will be moving on to IUI, if not this cycle then next. So now when I look in my schedule book @ work I try to keep blocks of time available for when I should be getting a + OPK so I can run to my RE's office & get inseminated. Kind of like going home for lunch & a quickie with the hubby, but instead we're in 2 different rooms with lots of other people dressed in scrubs looking @ our privates. How romantic!

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