Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our appt with the RE: Cliff Notes version

I may leave my husband for my RE. Well, not really, but I really liked the guy; very thorough, did not talk down to us, pleasant demeanor, etc. He & his internist spent over an hour talking to us; he even praised me for being so "dedicated to charting" when I whipped out my Fertility Friend chart copies. He told me what we already knew at first: my cycles are regular & appear ovulatory, my hormone levels are normal, etc.

But then he told us something we weren't expecting & *gasp* it was actually good news! Apparently Vid's 1st sperm analysis results were a fluke since the 2nd ones we got back today were normal. Yay for normal spermies! However, this means we now fall into the "unexplained IF" for the time being, which is kind of scary; I like actual reasons to go along with my diagnoses, thank you very much.

Anyways, I am being sent for an HSG to rule out any abnormalities. Given my normal cycles, bloodwork & pelvic exam today (where I was told I have a "very nice cervix") the doctor doesn't think he'll find anything; as he says "99.9% of the time there isn't anything weird up there" but it's part of the protocol. I am also going for CD3 bloodwork just to make sure too but given all my other bloodwork was fine there's not much to worry about.

So, AF should be here tomorrow since my temp dipped to my coverline today. When she arrives I call to schedule my HSG, which is done between CD's 5 - 12. So long as there's nothing abnormal found I am to use OPKs like I have been & call when I get a positive one. When I do, Vid goes in to give a sample, they wash it & inseminate me; for those not familiar with IF terminology, that's known in the biz as an IUI.

And that's what' going on with my ute. The end.

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satto said...

Man, stop bragging about your "very nice cervix". J/k that is GREAT news. And good news about the swimmer too. Hopefully this IUI is all you'll need.