Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've been inseminated :)

I had my 1st IUI today. Vid had a bit of trouble producing the goods @ the office; apparently the porn that was offered was sub-par for his needs. He looked @ me like I was completely nuts when I suggested that if we need to do this again next cycle he should bring his own South Indian porn. FYI South Indian porn is really pretty PG-13 by our standards; there is almost never full nudity involved. Also, while Hustler & Playboy tend to favor thin women, so-called "masala movies" usually feature fuller-figured movies. Curious? Take a look for yourself:

The procedure itself wasn't bad; just a bit of cramping & spotting afterwards. Vid was both fascinated & grossed out to see my cervix as they were inserting the speculum & catheter in for the IUI. He kept saying (think about a thick Indian accent as you're reading this) "Oh God" & wincing; I was trying my hardest not to laugh but was also worried he might pass out. My husband as a rule does not do well with medical procedures; thankfully there was no blood involved or he'd have certainly passed out.

So now comes the dreaded 2 week wait. I go for a HCG beta (blood work to test for pregnancy) on July 9. Of course, the reality is I will most certainly test with a pee stick before then; I'd go insane otherwise. And my husband, per usual, is completely convinced I am pregnant only 8 hours after the procedure. I hope he's right.

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