Monday, September 6, 2010

And the hits just keep on coming...

So my remaining grandfather (mom's dad) was hospitalized this weekend. He's 79 & a severe alcoholic; I'm actually kind of shocked he's made it this far. He also chain smokes filterless Camels. Yet my grandmother had a lobe removed due to lung cancer; go figure.

Anyways, my cousin who lives in his house with her husband & daughter was very freaked out by his color; she called it "Shrek green". And then she found his bed covered in blood & excrement when she went to do laundry. She called my aunt, who lives down the street, who forced him to go to the hospital.

He's @ 20% liver function. And they aren't sure where the bleeding is coming from, but it appears to have stopped, at least for now. At any rate, 20% is not good. In fact, it's really bad. As in, so bad he may not make it out of the hospital & is most certainly not going home.

My NJ relatives came up, except for my newly married & already pregnant cousin as she & her husband had a wedding in Maryland to attend this weekend. And just when I thought I was in the clear when it came to dealing with pregnant bellies in my face, my mom casually mentions to me my cousin who lives with my grandfather is...wait for it...pregnant with #2.

Seriously? FML. Well, at least she told me before I saw her @ the hospital & was greeted with a 16 week baby bump. I haven't seen this cousin for 3 months but my mother said she's known for almost 2 months. She could tell I was pretty pissed she didn't tell me sooner but she said it was because of the major breakdown I had when she told me about newly married cousin being knocked up.

Really? So wait & tell me about this one as we're going to the hospital to see my terminally ill grandfather. Great job, mom! And the best part? They're due within a week of each other. How fun!

*** eyeroll ***

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