Saturday, September 25, 2010

Childless by choice? Not me!

This article was posted on Facebook by a friend who has 3 kids.

Let's just say I am biting my tongue as best as I can.

But I did post the link with a small comment:

"Give me a freaking break. How about not assuming all of your childless friends are so by choice? How terrible it must be to have a child that needs you!"


And I'd like to also point out that the vast majority of my friends have kids. Heck, one just gave birth last week. But we still manage to find time to get together once in a while. It's not like in high school when we had class together & then had drama practice after school, but it's every month or 2 for those of us who are still local. I work full time & take 2 night classes so I'm not exactly rolling around in free time myself. But, I value my friendships, and so do my friends, one of whom is a stay-at-home mom who looks forward to an occasional dinner and chat that doesn't include Mickey Mouse.

My basic point is you don't have to let having children or being childless ruin your friendships; you merely need to make adjustments, much in the same way most of us did when some of us were single & others had gotten married. And just like some of my friends are probably not single by choice, there are those of us who are not childless by choice. So please don't tell me to walk a mile in your shoes, because if you had to walk a mile in mine & experience the hope that this *might* finally be the cycle your body actually does it's job & creates a new life only to wake up to another pair of ruined panties you'd take offense to this too.


Ioana said...

Hi!! I found your blog by chance the other day and wanted to send you an email but couldn't find your email or any way to contact you, other than leaving a comment. I am sorry about all the losses you've experienced over the last couple of years and your long journey TTC. My husband and I have started on that journey a few months ago and so far, no luck. Though, I've never just contacted someone that I didn't know (like I am doing now), I just couldn't help myself because our lives seem sooooo very similar. Regardless, I thought I'd say a friendly 'hello' and give you my email in case you wanted to say hi( If I don't hear from you, I wish you all the best in all areas of your life. :)

nikinikinine said...

Hey Steph, just found your blog through Kate's, hope you don't mind a new stalker :)

Read the article and didn't see anything about anyone being childless by choice. Maybe I missed something?

Hope you're doing well!