Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Infertile play date!

Spring has sprung! Although we may get snow on Friday (not an April Fool's joke unfortunately) it won't stick for long since temps have been slowly rising in these parts. The sky is finally blue & there's this large yellow thing in the sky that I've been told is the sun which we haven't seen for months.

And on Facebook, all of my fertile friends are making playdates for their precious little ones. And since I lack human children, I lack an excuse to get in on this social scene. Let's face it: it'd be weird for Aunty Anasara to chill @ the park with the mommies when she has nothing to contribute to conversations about potty training & Thomas The Train.

And when I power walk on the local bike path, enjoying the nice weather & trying to get my fat a$$ in better shape, I swear I am the only 30-something woman not pushing a jogging stroller. Of course my Pekingese would love to be pushed in such a contraption, but he's chubby too so he's dieting along with mom & dad. The only one in the house that isn't fat is the cat!

Granted, I have lots of infertile friends on the interwebs but 99% of them don't live in my metro area. While I am very much looking forward to our get together in NYC next month (*squee*) we can't chill on a regular basis. It's going to be a kind of infertile play date: a nice brunch followed by who knows what!

I wonder if I can convince them to go in on renting one of these for the afternoon:

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