Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yet another change in plans

To say the past week has been hell on earth would be an understatement. Last week in a period of 24 hours the following happened:

1. Our family cat of 16 years died.
2. My dad got t-boned by someone who dropped hot coffee in her lap (!); his SUV was totaled but thankfully he's fine.
3. My mom-in-law was admitted to the hospital for severe hip pain (my in-laws just arrived from India 3/5 & are currently staying with my sister-in-law in DC) which had us extremely worried given her bone cancer.

Bad things come in 3's, right?

Vid ended up taking a quick flight down to DC to deal with his mom last weekend. While we are thankful the hip pain didn't turn out to be anything concerning, by no means did it mean my in-laws made things easy & drama free for any of us regarding her health & their desperate attempts to marry off my sister-in-law before she reaches her "expiration date": she turns 30 in June. I won't go into details but let's just say my husband FINALLY grew a pair & read them the proverbial riot act about their child-like behavior. Actually, he got so loud the hospital called security on him because they thought he was going to get violent; they aren't familiar with the fact he has 2 volumes: loud & jet engine. Thankfully, he was not taken into custody.

Oh, and my 1 remaining grandmother who is severely mentally ill (manic depression with borderline & histrionic personality disorders) has been making us all NUTS as well. And who does my dad & his brothers call when they can't deal with her any more & think she may have to go to the psych hospital for the 3rd time in 6 months? Me! Because I work in psych & apparently don't have enough stress.

Did I mention all of this happened the week my therapist was sick so we didn't have a session? Yeah. Awesome.

All of this has made me really rethink our next moves concerning infertility. As of right now, we're going to wait on IVF until June. Here's why:

Vid will be out of town for about a week @ the end of this month/beginning of next. Then, my sister's bridal shower is in mid-April which I am planning. And I just found out last week I have to travel for a few days @ the end of April. Then I have an academic conference the 2nd weekend in May where I've been invited to give a paper. And to top it all off, we are going on a MUCH needed vacation (planned back @ the beginning of the year with the thought we'd have done IVF already) to San Francisco/Napa Valley/Yosemite the last week of May.

Simply put, there are not enough hours in the day.

Come June, I will be done with classes (I'm not taking any summer courses), Vid will be only teaching 1 course (summer session) & my in-laws will be back in India, 10 time zones away. :)

June will also mark 3 years of TTC for us. That's a long time. But if it works, that means by this time next year I'll be holding a baby (or 2; hopefully no more than that) in my arms.


kthappy76 said...

Oh hon, I'm so sorry that you have so many crappy things going on right now. I can truly empathize and am so sorry that you have to put off your cycle. I hope that in a few months, the stars will finally align for you. (((huge hugs)))

ADSchill said...

I am really sorry dear. I feel you. Really. Work is hell on earth right now for me as well as being sick, trying to find a house by May and figureing out IVF.

It seems as if we are on the same track right now. I am also going on vacation to get away from it all in May, have a tentative June/Juny IVF planned and it will be our 2 year anniversary of TTC in June as well.

Trust me, I am right there with you. I hope things get better!