Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I should've given up Facebook for Lent


Check out this gem:

I've changed the names & profile pics to protect the not so innocent but that, ladies & gentlemen, is an honest to God real Facebook post from one of my cousins. Yes; I share a great deal of DNA with this person, it's sad to say. Perhaps you remember this person from an earlier post? Actually, I'm certain you remember that story no matter how hard you've tried to forget!


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One perfect emby said...

Hahah some people are so materialistic but I often say in this life it is not their lesson to understand women with infertility but it still sends your blood boiling...I would love to have a c section scar instead I have four scars from two laparascopies but 3 under my bikini line..I love those scars as they are part of my journey and I will wear them proud no need to cover them up!!!