Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's mah burfday

I'm 32. So only 3 more years til AMA (advanced maternal age); awesome! In all seriousness, I don't think 32 is old, but the fact I'm another step closer to AMA makes me haz a sad. Especially since we're about to hit the 3 years TTC mark. How scary is it that I could have a walking, talking, potty-trained toddler if I was one of the magical fertiles who get lucky their 1st try? Heck, I could have 2 kids by now. I know I've been lapped by several people on my interwebs anniversary board, which is another reason for me to haz a sad.

But it's not all bad. After work, I will go to therapy (alone) & to Weight Watchers (with hubby) & then we will go out to dinner @ our favorite local Indian restaurant where I get a free entree since it's my birthday. And then to top it all off, today is free cone day @ Ben & Jerry's, so we get free dessert too! Thank God Weight Watchers has 49 extra points a week! Whatevs; it's my day & so I'm going to try & enjoy it just a teensy bit.

It's also my mom's birthday today so I'll be sure to stop by my parents' house on the way home & give her a card & gift. I still fantasize about having a baby born on my birthday because it's been so fun to share it with my mom. Depending on the timing of IVF #1 & if it works (please please please) we may end up with a due date that's close. Not that I necessarily want to go 13 days past my due date like my mom did with me, but if that means having a healthy baby of my own I will gladly deal with it. Really, at this point if I had a left nut to give it'd be gone. But I don't know how Vid would feel about giving up one of his just yet (hehehe).


Krista said...

Happy Birthday to both you and your Mom!!!

Lindsay said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!! I'm doing Weight Watchers as well. Thank goodness for those 49 FlexPoints!! Enjoy your birthday! It's okay to splurge a little ; ).

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you are enjoying your day so far and have a fab rest of the day! You never know about having a baby born on your birthday, sounds like this day is an excellent day for babies in your family!

kthappy76 said...

Happy Birthday! :)