Tuesday, May 31, 2011

S 965: a very important bill

Since I'm in DC for work this week, I thought it appropriate to use my blog to spread the word on S 965, The Family Act of 2011. If you're a fellow infertile, you've probably heard of this already. If not, please click here for the text of this legislation.

Basically, this bill would create a tax credit for the out-of-pocket costs associated with infertility medical treatment. While my husband & I are lucky enough to have 80% coverage for fertility treatments, it's still quite expensive for us. The fact is only 15 states have mandates regarding infertility treatments & of course, there are loopholes even in mandate states. Should this become law, it will help thousands of couples be able to afford a shot at parenthood.

So what can you do to turn this bill into a law a la "School House Rock? Well, it's pretty simple: write your Senator in support of this bill. Even if you haven't experienced the heartache of infertility yourself, remember that 1 in 8 couples has: we are your friends & family.

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C said...

A very important bill, indeed! I wrote to my senators!