Friday, May 6, 2011

Vote for me!

In addition to the numerous obnoxious ultrasound & pregnant belly pics on Facebook we infertiles have to endure apparently there's a new, hip thing for our parent friends to shove in our faces: that the cuteness of their children is worthy of my vote on some random website.

"Vote for Ayden/Brayden/Kayden; only 29,307 votes & we'll surely win him free diapers for a year!" (And yes, I chose those names because I hate them. I loathe random y's in names to make them "Youneek" & all names ending in -ayden generally).

I guess it's just another thing I may never experience as an infertile: having others tell me how beautiful my child is. And I know we will make beautiful children. take a look @ Vid around age 2 & 1/2; how cute!:

So why don't any of the infertility magazines (you know, the ones @ your RE office that inexplicably have babies on their covers?!?! what up with that...) to hold an infertility photo contest?

Here are some categories for your consideration:
*Most photogenic uterus
*Sexiest fallopian tubes
*Cyst that looks most like the Virgin Mary
*Strangest place of endometriosis growth

And many others, including:

Your thoughts?


Lu-be-Lu said...

Me me me I want the award for largest polyp - when they removed it they had to double the size of the cut. Haha.

Another idea How about an award for the ovulating ovary. Now that might only get a few entrants.

kthappy76 said...

LMAO! Love that pic of V, so adorable. Looking at baby pics of S make my ovaries hurt. He had ringlets...

C said...

Love it! I'm thisclose to hiding several fb "friends" who keep urging everyone to vote for their kids pics (one kid isn't even that cute.. and I'm an evil person for thinking that, lol)