Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Post wash semen specimen: 22 million with 40% normal morphology & 42% forward motility. Vid was very proud of his work; he actually fist-pumped when the doctor told us the results prior to the IUI. Couple that with 3 (maybe 4) mature follies & we better get SOMETHING out of this. My RE said she has a good feeling about this one & commended me on my weight loss. My beta is on 6/8 (15 days post IUI) since we'll be travelling 14DPIUI. I am in Washington DC for work next week (Tuesday-Friday)& we are staying a few days extra for a bit of a vacation. Both Vid & I have been to DC several times before but never together so it'll be fun to experience it with him; I haven't been there since before we were together (8 years?). Not sure if I'll POAS prior to beta or not; we'll see. I start Endometrin 2x daily on Saturday. We're on doctor's orders to have "insurance sex" over the next 2 days. If we were to finally get pregnant this cycle my due date would be Valentine's Day, which is also our Pekigese's (named "Romeo"; get it?) birthday.


cjdubs13 said...

Hope this is it for you!! Good signs all around.

C said...

Very exciting!!!

Serendipitie said...

Good luck!!!