Monday, May 9, 2011

Yesterday was Mother's Day? Really?

Obviously, I am well aware yesterday was Mother's Day since I don't live under a rock. Being forced to spend 30 seconds on Facebook on a day such as yesterday would surely make any infertile confess to the most heinous of crimes. But, with just a touch of snark & the help of my fellow infertiles, I survived.

I spent my mother's day making my husband hump up & down our basement stairs with plastic storage boxes full of summer clothes so I could change our wardrobes over from the colder weather. It was good to cull & generally straighten out our walk-in bedroom closet & 2 chests of drawers. It was also simply gorgeous out despite the weatherman's predictions (70 degrees & sunny) so I opened all of the windows. Vid & I also took an hour long walk on the local bike/walking path, not really talking much but enjoying each other's company nonetheless.

I purposely didn't go to choir practice this week using finals as an excuse knowing full well I had none (just 1 paper & 1 presentation) but that you can't sing at Mass if you don't go to rehearsal so you don't screw everyone else up. I know God will forgive me for guarding my heart: I didn't want to burst into tears in the middle of the Agnus Dei or something.

This week is the last week of the semester (yahoo!) for me; I'm not taking any this summer in anticipation of having to do IVF. Once I'm done with class on Wednesday night I'm taking my mom out to dinner @ a local restaurant that gives you a free piece of cake with the purchase of a meal for your mom; it's become somewhat of a tradition. Aunt Flo should be showing up by the end of the week so I may end up taking home a piece of cake too. :)

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