Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Any chance you could be pregnant?"

"Any chance you could be pregnant?"

This phrase was uttered to me 4 times in 4 hours on Friday night after I got sideswiped on the way home from work.  I'm ok; just a bit sore.  Of course it was a giant fvcking SUV that hit my itty bitty Hyundai Elantra so there's now a huge dent/scratches the length of my passanger side.  So tomorrow I have to get the police report & deal with insurance.  The car is drivable thankfully but I'm soooo very pissed I have to deal with this during finals week & just before we're going on vacation on another continent.

The 1st time I was asked if I could be pregnant was when the EMTs were loading me into the ambulance.  I told them I doubted it.  The 2nd time was the triage nurse in the ER.  I laughed & told her I was a 4 year infertile with multiple failed treatment cycles.  She offered to do a blood test since they would be taking x-rays but I said no thanks, I've seen enough negative pregnancy tests for several lifetimes.  The 3rd time the doctor who reviewed my x-rays & prescribed my pain meds was the one doing the asking.  I told him he'd probably get pregnant before me & he looked confused but didn't ask any more questions.  The final person to ask about the state of my ute was the pharmacist who filled the pain meds.  I snarkily told him I was expecting quads, took my pills & went home.

Thanks, universe, for another reminder of what I will likely never have.


kthappy76 said...

Ugh. Sorry about your car accident, but glad you are ok. Not a great time to get reminded repeatedly of what you don't have.

Serendipitie said...

Sorry about your car! And I hate those questions. xoxo

ADSchill said...

Ugghh, car accidents suck. I am glad you are relativly okay though. I got those questions all the time. Everytime I picked up meds...ironically for Clomid.

Rebecca said...

Wow that must have really sucked to be asked that so many times. I really can understand your comment to the pharmacist about the quads. I hope you aren't hurting too much today from the accident.