Saturday, May 19, 2012

The mile high club? Yeah, no.

We leave tonight on our 2 week vacation to Iceland & France.  So excited!  However, today is also CD 11 which means ovulation (of a crappy egg) is imminent in the next 24-48 hrs.  DH suggested we join the mile high club as maybe being @ 30,000 feet the differences in the atmosphere would do what no RE seemingly can: make us pregnant.  With us both being obese we'd have to pretty much defy the law of physics to do it in the cramped airplane bathroom.  I'm not about to do it in our seats either; too much risk of being noticed & thrown in a European prison.  I promised him plenty of French wine-induced sex though so hopefully that'll make him happy even though I know it won't give us the ultimate souvenir: a baby.


ADSchill said...

Have a good time hon! That sounds like an awesome trip. Some good sex doesn't hurt either.

Sometimes said...

So excited for you!!! I want to go to Iceland soooo bad! Enjoy and maybe all you need is no atmosphere to get a baby. Love that idea. Also, hubby and I joined the mile high club on our way to Ireland years ago. Totally overrated. Get a hotel room in Denver, the mile high city.

Rebecca said...

Hope you have a good vacation.

Blythe said...

Oh no!

Hope you have a great vacation.

(Did you even see Natl. Lampoons Vegas Vacation where they attempt the mile high club - it may make you chuckle)