Thursday, May 3, 2012

The art of appropriate small talk (infertile edition)

So I was @ the grocery store yesterday waiting in line with my sugar-free, calorie-free, fruit flavored, carbonated water (not important what it was really, but I live on it, so there) when the woman in front of me turned around & started talking to me @ random.  Weird, right?  Yeah, well, she also is one of those "stealth pregnant" women who long perfectly normal from the back & then BAM!  Pregnant belly right under your nose when they turn around.

Anywho, she continues her randomness & says to me "OMG my feet hurt; I'm sooooo huge!".  I probably looked like a dear in headlights @ this point.  I just smiled & waited for her to continue gracing me with her wit & wisdom.  Thankfully, the cashier intervened @ this point & told her she was next so put the basket on the belt since she wasn't paying attention (shocker).  I really wanted to slap her across the face & tell her I'd love to have tired feet from a pregnancy right about now.

Seriously?  Whatever happened to conversations about the weather or how much the Red Sox are sucking?  What's wrong with nice, neutral, happy subjects that don't involve reproduction?  Is please to be remembering the douchecanoe @ the pizza parlor who complained about how much it cost to feed his 5 kids just after my failed IVF.  Moreover, who are these people?  And why do they all seem to gravitate towards me?  

The art of small talk is obviously dead.


Sometimes said...


Blythe said...

OMG! I think I needed to see this today. After being what I feel is surrounded by preggo's constantly. There is no small talk to be made, it's getting painful. I was recently stuck on an elevator going to the 60th floor with a super preg and she told me all about the nursery. BAH!!

Rebecca said...

Ugh! Why do we always have to see them wherever we turn. I'm tired of seeing baby bellies.

ADSchill said...

I'm sorry hon. It should be something strangers keep to themselves, but it just goes to show that most people have NO idea that us infertiles are out there. If they did, maybe they would be more careful about spouting off about their aches and pains.