Thursday, July 12, 2012

I can haz drugz?

My co-pay for this loveliness is $398.24.  I'm lucky to have 80% coverage through our insurance because if we were OOP that amount would be almost $2000.  ZOMG.  And I'm doubly lucky that I had some (not pictured above) Follistim left over (unopened) from IVF #1, plus a friend gave me some, meaning I've actually saved even more as Follistim is hella pricey.  Hopefully I'll be triple lucky & all of these meds will actually give me a baby (or 2) this time around.


Liz said...

That is amazing, you must have great insurance!! Good luck this time around.

jak said...

love it!!! when do you start? i'm on microflare this time (sounds like some kind of sun storm or something that you need to avoid when traveling through hyperspace). my first stick of the cycle was 7am this morning. getting ready to stick again in about an hour.

also, weird question - what state do you live in? i'm in MD and i feel like our local govt pretty much forces IF treatment to be very close to completely covered. i feel like i pay more OOP at the freakin dentist.

good luck!!