Friday, July 20, 2012


So you know that whole "start Clomid Thursday, Follistim Saturday" thing?  Not happening...yet.  AF is MIA.  And no, there is absolutely no possibility I could be pregnant as DH has been 10 time zones away for the past 3 weeks.

I took my last BCP Sunday & we assumed (ha!  yeah, I know) I would be riding the cotton pony in a couple days.  Welp, here it is Friday & nada.  Not even a pinkish hue on my undies.  Cramps?  Yes, since Tuesday.  Errrgh.  Usually, I get cramps & *BAM*, 24-48 hrs later, I'm bleeding like Niagra Falls.  WTF, body?

So I talked to the nurse yesterday afternoon & she said to hold off starting meds until my period shows up.  When (please) the biotch shows up they want me to call & let them know all is well so they can tweak my calendar.  If she still hasn't shown up by the time my already scheduled appt for blood work & an ultrasound comes on Tuesday, they want me to come in so they can maybe figure out "what up with that".  In the meantime, I'm going to Cape Cod for a long weekend @ my grandma's time share to try & get in some relaxation before this adventure gets underway.


Sometimes said...

AF can be such a bitch!

Liz said...

She never shows when you want her to. Hoping the relaxation this weekend helps.