Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's on like Donkey Kong!

IVF #2, that is!

AF arrived last night a few hours early but hey, such is life.  Of course that meant sending Vid off to India today for 3 weeks with no good bye sex but I think he'll live.  He'll be back just in time for me to start stims & become a raving lunatic.  I took my 1st BCP today & will go in for a suppression check sometime next week.

Good times, good times.


I can haz babyz? said...


kthappy76 said...

GL hon! Try to enjoy your single time, hope it'll be your last for a long time.

jak said...

hey! i'm just a few days ahead of you on my ivf#2 also.

good luck and syringe cheers! glad ot see your doc is also paying attention on the thyroid front.