Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello, old friend!

I had my suppression check this morning.  Nothing funky of the ultrasound except for a small nonfunctional cyst which she isn't worried about.  My E2 was on the low side & given how it wasn't all that high when I triggered for IVF #1 Dr. D-W tweaked my meds a bit more:
  • Thursday: take 100 of Clomid for 5 days ( hello, old friend!)
  • Saturday: take 450 of Follistim for 3 days
  • Come back on Tuesday 7/24 for another ultrasound & more blood work
  • I was also told to bring the Ganirelix with me on Tuesday as she will likely have me take it then.
Dr. D-W also let me know that she was moving her practice (physically) to a new building literally 2 blocks from where I work in September.  Not that her current office is super far, but it'll be nice not to have to cross the city in morning rush hour traffic if we have to cycle again (please God, no).  Dr. D-W said her goal was for me to only have to come see her once @ the new place for my "graduation-to-OB" ultrasound.  After that, she says we can just keep it to running into each while shopping (we live like a mile from each other) or at Indian community events.


Rebecca said...

Really hoping that you only have to see her once at her new place. Good luck!

jak said...

LOVE the postcard. i'm sending a link to my husband. i've been snapping at him left and right and he doesn't deserve it. guess that means they got my stim meds right, hahaha!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!