Friday, June 20, 2008

Clear the road!

Just as it looks like my grandfather will be losing his license, Vid got his license on the second try. Now all he needs to do is get a job so he can pay for the insurance to drive.

Today is the day before the wedding; so much to do & I'm trying not to murder Vidya with all the complaining about getting things done; he is the king of procrastination. I'm more looking forward to having everything over with finally since I was all for just going to Vegas since the beginning but was basically guilt tripped into this. Whatever; I'm sure I'll think it was worth it 20 years from now or something.

I had a root canal yesterday morning then got mehendi done in the afternoon & did laundry last night since Saturday is my normal laundry day. Today I cooked breakfast for tomorrow morning, washed the floors & am currently burning CDs for the reception (DIY DJ). His parents should be arriving with his sister any minute so I'm very much looking forward to that. There's a glass of wine with my name on it tonight for sure!

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