Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tick, tick, tick...

So my BFF tells me today he & his wife are expecting #2. I am so thrilled for them; it's something they've been trying for for about a year now. Maybe it's just because I'm "at that age" (29) but it seems everyone around me is having babies (see previous post). My supervisor & his wife just found out they were expecting a couple of weeks ago as well. The hubby & I plan on trying to join this seemingly ever growing group later this year (pending him getting a freaking job) so it's not like parenthood is something out of reach in my near future. I have other friends (a married couple I've known forever; him since elementary school, her since high school) who are also trying for #2. I secretly hope she gets knocked up around the same time as me so I have a "preggo buddy" to go through the experience with. Am I weird for that? Probably. No, make that definitely.

And as I sit here I'm on my last pack of birth control pills. We'll be practicing Roman Catholics (I'm a confirmed Catholic, though I obviously don't follow all the rules) for a few months until my cycles straighten out & I can start charting. We have sex about once a week as it is so avoiding during the danger period shouldn't be a problem. And of course as I type this I'm thinking in the back of my mind "With your luck you'd be part of that unlucky 15%".

The plan is to start trying to get knocked up (as in "I'm ovulating now, so let me have my way with you!") around Thanksgiving/Christmas; I'd like to be with child by my 30th birthday next April. Ultimately, it's up to the Man Upstairs I guess.

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