Friday, June 27, 2008


We booked our honeymoon: 4 nights at the Venetian in Las Vegas next month. It was affordable & neither of us have ever been to the southwestern US. Plus, I know folks who frequent LV & say this hotel is awesome; all their rooms are suites. I'd like to see if we can do a day trip to the Grand Canyon; I've always wanted to go & don't honestly know the next time we'll be in the area. Neither Vid nor I are gamblers but we may take in a show or 2; I'm sure we'll have a blast. I'm just sooo excited to be going on a real vacation this year!


Bacon's Mom said...

Ooh, I'd do the Canyon if you can. It's something to see, even for me, who doesn't like nature.

But pack the coolest clothes you own - no synthetic fibers, and make sure everything is on the loose side. Vegas in July is HOT.

Sounds like so much fun, though. I'm jealousE.

Anonymous said...

You really ought to try to go to the Grand Canyon. I live in Scottsdale, AZ and we have lived here for about a year. Since living in Arizona, whenever we have friends or family visit, they all want to go to the Grand Canyon. So, I am going for the 4th time this next weekend when my dad and step-mom come to visit.

Enjoy your honeymoon. I am not a gambler either. You ought to try to get tickets to Beatles! Love. That show is fabulous. Vegas is so much fun and there is lots to do, even for the non-gamblers.

I'll check out your blog often. It is funny to read your stories and quite interesting. I have always wanted to see Rhode Island.

Take care!