Monday, June 16, 2008

How do I know it's the week of my wedding?

Because shit like this happens:

My grandparents (dad's side) got into a horrendous car accident this morning. My mom saw 4 cars in various states of smashing on her way home from Walmart & thought "dayum, what a weird accident". She no sooner pulls in the driveway then my dad calls & says g-parents were in an accident, the very one she just drove past. Their car somehow made it to the highway, 4 flat tires, all smashed up. G-pa remembers nothing of this; apparently Walmart has it on film from their security cameras.

Ambulances came & took them to the hospital. G-ma's arm is being checked out because it's killing her, plus her neck; she pops Klonapin like candy on a good day so needless to say this has put her into neurotic overdrive. G-pa's BGL was 400+ (he's diabetic) & they did a CAT scan since he remembered nothing; it looks like he may have had a stroke. So they are keeping him for tests indefinitely; he is not happy & my dad is still at the hospital almost 12 hours later waiting to find out what the next step is.

The police now want to charge him with leaving the scene of an accident among other things; incredible. G-ma doesn't have a license & when my mom said she though they may take away his license I asked her who she thought would drive them everywhere, to which she responded, "Not it!".

God only knows if one or both of them will be at the wedding. I need a draaank...

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Tink said...

Oh honey. I hope everything ends up being ok. Thinking good thoughts for you and your family (and of course, the wedding)...