Monday, October 13, 2008

Enjoying nature's bounty

We went apple & pumpkin picking at a local farm yesterday. The weather was perfect & the fruits were perfect for the picking. Vid ate 3 apples off the trees & then proceeded to eat 1/2 a pint of figs we also purchased at the farm. I explained to him how much fiber that was & he was rather unconcerned. This is part of the reason why he is assigned to clean the bathroom. Here are 2 photos of the fun we had:

I am currently baking cookies & making an apple pie from our pickings; I think the pumpkin pie will have to wait until next weekend since I have to get my butt in gear to go back to work tomorrow. I may have had a 4 day weekend but it sure didn't feel like it!

In other news my 21 year old cousin got engaged this weekend. Nothing makes you feel old like hearing the news someone whose diapers you once changed is going to be someone's wife. No date has been set yet but they're thinking sometime in 2010 since she still has 1 year of undergrad left & her intended is currently in the Pennsylvania State Police Academy.

I don't remember if I mentioned it previously or not but Vid's parents are back safe & sound in India. They left last weekend & are still recovering from the jet lag. They had a great time & would like to come back next year. Should the stars align, by this time next year we will (hopefully) have a house with plenty of room for them to stay & perhaps a grandchild for them to fawn over. Hopefully by then they'll also have learned to lay off my single but happy 27 year old sister-in-law ab out getting married.

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