Thursday, October 9, 2008

I need (another) vacation

Yes, I know we just spent 4 days in fabulous Las Vegas 3 months ago. However, if you did what I currently am forced to do for a living, you'd want to get away more often than not too!

So, Vid has 2 weeks off @ the end of December/beginning of January & I'm planning to take some time off @ that time too. We should be getting interviewed by immigration soon to move things along in his citizenship process. Until then, we can't really make plans since you have to show up when they tell you unless you have a really good excuse, like you're dead.

I've been looking @ airfares; holy shit are they expensive, even to places that are supposedly off season, like Europe. I thought a quick week long jaunt to Paris in winter would mean reasonable airfare but flights from Boston to Paris are $600+ a piece; going to Ireland isn't any better. In either of these places we'd stay with folks we know (a family friend in France, my mom's cousins in Ireland) so at least we wouldn't have to pay for a place to stay (outside of a nice gift as a thank you) so it's not completely out of the question. Maybe we'll get a nice last minute deal since the airlines will be so desperate for business with the economy tanking?

Part of the reason we're doing this (besides wanting to get the hell away for a bit) is we started trying to conceive (TTC) last month so this may be a "babymoon" for us depending on what happens this month. Now that Vid has a stable job & with turning 30 coming up in a few months we agreed to take the plunge into parenthood. Holy shit.

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Mrs Little Fisch said...

You might get really lucky - over here, airlines are DESPERATE to drum up more business. Even the cheapie ones, like Ryanair, are struggling. Keep an eye out for special offers. Oh and Ryanair are planning on (eventually) introducing a transatlantic route, so watch them too. I hope you get to have a break!