Saturday, October 18, 2008

Seeing the future

I went to a "girls night out" last night with a friend I've known since childhood who I haven't seen in about a year; it was nice to reconnect. It was a psychic party & there were about 10 or so of us. We went to a local place my friend has gone to for a while; this was my first experience with this sort of thing. We had munchies & drinks & had 1 lady do past life readings for us everyone could hear while we were waiting to go into 1 of 2 private rooms with tarot readers for 30 minute private sessions.

I honestly don't really believe in past lives but as my hubby is Hindu he was intrigued by the results. Apparently most of us have lots of past lives, but the woman doing the reading asked "The Creator" for a happy one. I ended up on an all women wagon train heading out to California in the last half of the 19th century. We faced lots of stuff (cholera, hostile Indians, etc.) & not everyone made it but I did; I even saved a few lives along the way, including that of a young soldier. I nursed him back to health & over the journey he fell in love with me; I thought he was a nice guy but wasn't overly interested. We arrived in a little stagecoach town where we settled; I was some sort of nurse-midwife & he was a sheriff. Eventually we married & had kids, leading a good life. My name was Cassie. The reader said she thinks I am a traveler across lives, even into this one & that nothing much makes me fearful or at least I'm good at hiding my fears. Very true to both of these!

My tarot reader was a hot sketch. She told me I am dealing with a group of uncooperative people who are holding me back on a goal I worked hard for in the past but is now on the back burner (hello, grad school thesis committee who won't tell me what is up!) & I'm trying to figure out if I stick with it or move onto something else (see a couple of posts previous for my mention of nursing school). She flipped a few more cards & said if I completed my grad work it'd be hard but doable as there is 1 person I can align myself with (the lone person who actually e-mailed me recently). If I did the other thing I could easily do it but it might not give me as much satisfaction as completing the other, but it would be a guarantee of livelihood (exactly; there is a nursing shortage & starting salaries are double what I make now!).

She knew I was married (I always wear my wedding set so it's a dead give away) & told me I don't always appreciate my husband & sometimes he's a bit child-like (true on both) but he really, deeply loves me. She said I was a traveler & open to different ideas, including alternative medicine & I would be traveling again in a couple of months to a new place (see 2 posts prior). I then told her I was a medical anthropologist & she said "Rock on!"; love it!

Here's where it gets interesting: she then said "I don't know if I should tell you this" which freaked me out but I said for her to tell me whatever. She asked if we had kids & I said no. She said she saw a pregnancy happening in the near future & most times when she sees this the person she is talking to is not trying. She said there was some waiting involved (yes; we waited to start trying until hubby had a job) & possibly a scare but everything will turn out fine with the pregnancy for both of us.

After we were done I went back out into the main room & sat around with the other girls having snacks, talking with the past lives reader about how she does what she does, etc. She then out of the blue asked me if I was pregnant; I told her no, but the girl sitting to my left was 18 weeks along. She said she already knew that, but I "have a baby floating around me; it's pink too." I then told her what the tarot reader in the separate room told me. She smiled & said to come back with the sonogram when it happens, which will be soon & to be sure to drink plenty of water "so the seed can grow". She didn't say if the pink meant a girl or not; I guess we'll wait & see with all of this.

Overall, it was a really fun evening. But who knows what the future holds really? We'll soon find out I suppose.


Mrs Little Fisch said...

Wow. Baby dust to you, if that's what you'd like to have happen! ***Good luck!***

P.S. I tried your raisin drop cookies - they were gorgeous!

*A* said...

That's really interesting. I've always wanted to try that, but I'm scared that they're going to tell me that me or my husband are going to die young, and that alone keeps me away. But yay for babies for you! :)