Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sugar rush!

I can't say October without thinking of the way Arnold Schwarzenegger says it...

I can hardly believe 2008 is almost over; we're in the double digit months now! And thus begins the season that is a dieter's worse nightmare, known as "The Holidays". I can already sense an epic fail on my part. Candy is everywhere, as are baked goods & numerous other delicacies that I could just save time digesting by simply rubbing them on my thighs for the same result. While I have not experienced a turkey coma since going vegetarian in middle school trust me, there's still plenty of ways to overindulge!

Since we are in a new neighborhood, I am unsure about the kids situation on Halloween. There's a sizable playground @ the other end of the street which seems fairly active but I don't know numbers. Do I buy some candy to hand out, which I will have to hide from the hubby since I am certain he will eat a good portion of it even though he was diagnosed with borderline diabetes last fall? And do I trust myself to not mange on the sugar-laden goodness?

One of my biggest candy vices are Reeses PB cups. They are the perfect combination of salt & sweet & I have no problem polishing off a 4 pack. I've tried to sugar free versions & they all suck. The PB in the sugar free is dry & crumbly; it also tastes like they removed some fat & therefore flavor. I appreciate natural PB & the sugar free stuff seems to be missing a lot of oil; I'd go so far as to call Reeses PB cups downright moist compared to the sugar free ones. And while I do enjoy one particular sugar free candy, chocolate coconut candies, they do not cause me to feel the intense euphoria PB cups do.

And because I can't pass up the opportunity to try new sugar-filled recipes at this time of year, I am participating in a cookie swap with some internet friends later this month. I will be baking my mother's famous raisin drop cookies (I will post the recipe when I find the book in one of the few remaining unpacked boxes) for the exchange which are sure to be a hit! They taste so good straight from the oven with a hot beverage!

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