Wednesday, July 1, 2009

At least I still have my sense of humor

It's also nice to know others dealing with IF have found some humor in it too. I follow numerous IF blogs as a way of reminding myself I'm not alone & also to prepare myself for what future treatments may hold should IUI #1 not work. One of the funniest out there is 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility. They even have poetry about IF:


'Twas the night before your period and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even your spouse.
The tampons were waiting in the bathroom with care,
in hopes that Aunt Flow would soon NOT be there.
Your future children were nestled, like dreams in your head,
while visions of cramps start to come before bed.
You're sure you are pregnant, your breasts are so ripe,
you examine that toilet paper each time you wipe.
But you just might be pregnant, you have all the signs,
so why does this test never show those two lines?
And you cry on the floor until you are ill,
tomorrow you'll refuse your prenatal pill.
"Come nausea, sore breasts, and frequent urination!"
"On weight gain, fatigue and then to lactation!"
We are getting impatient, our clocks start to tick,
but each month all we do is pee on that stick.
We know more about ovulation than our family doc,
so please fill our womb before our friends newborns can talk!
We thank all of our relatives for those sympathy hugs,
but we've spent our whole salary on fertility drugs.
Our spouse has more sex than his full teenage years,
but this time he's not bragging to all of his peers.
So before our next cycle, lead us the fertile way,
Happy baby-making to all and keep periods at bay!

I just hope I'm still able to laugh if I get a BFN next week. Seriously, this is turning into the longest 2WW ever. Thankfully due to the 4th of July we have a 3 day weekend so we'll be busy visiting friends, seeing the Boston Pops play on the Esplanade & watching the fireworks over the harbor.

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Infertile "but hoping to be fertile" Naomi said...

Just came across your site. I am the writer of "Ode to Infertility." Thanks for the post! So glad you liked it. Just keep your sense of humor! It's all we infertile girls have left. Keep smiling :)