Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back to infertile reality

So we're back from our 2 weeks away.  Iceland was spectacular (save for the food) & France was lovely (save for my apparently being allergic to the entire French countryside) but it's good to be home. 

Here's a photo of a random rainbow from the ride to the airport in Iceland:

If you get a chance, go to Iceland.  So beautiful.  We both already want to go back.

But now, reality.

We have an appt with my old RE, Dr. D-W, on Friday afternoon to discuss what's going to happen with IVF#2. I stopped by her office before we went on vacation to make the appt. Even if it means having to battle my insurance co about paying for anasthesia or paying it ourselves OOP it will be worth it to have a doc who actually communicates. She saw me filling out paperwork to transfer records from IVF #1 & was suprised to see me. She asked if the IVF worked & I told her no, we got only 1 embryo out of it. Her eyes almost bugged out of her head. I told her the other practice was "meh" about making a protocol change so I'm back!
She told me to start taking C0Q10 if it's an egg quality issue because even if it wasn't it won't hurt. So I bought some @ Wholefoods (they have a vegetarian version) & have been taking it for 2 weeks now.  She also mentioned adding LH & maybe some other stuff to the protocol to help mature my eggs. AF arrived yesterday so my next AF will be due around 7/2 which is perfect since my med flex acct refills on 7/1 which will pay for the IVF (but not the meds). We'd likely be looking @ late July/early August for my ER/ET.  Of course that's assuming everything goes according to plan.  And that always happens, right?  It seems the only certainty in this world besides death & taxes seems to be my uterus' ability to expel its contents on cue every 27-28 days.  Kind of like Old Faithful.


Rebecca said...

I'll have to give that a try as soon as I can get to the store this week.

I'll put Iceland on my to see list too.

meggola said...

I like your new/old RE - she sounds like a keeper! I had much better results with my 2nd IVF than with my 1st. There really is a learning curve with IVF protocols. I think you made the right move by switching docs if your old doc wasn't going to make any protocol changes. I hope the 2nd time around is better for you too!

jak said...

welcome back and happy to hear the trip was great!

we might be doing IVF 2.0 at the same time as you:) our first try got canceled after 14 days of stims because there werent enough follicles developing on my lazy ovaries (grrrrr).

glad youre happy with your new old RE!! good luck!