Monday, June 25, 2012

He's beautiful

My nephew, that is:

Me, not so much.  Note the giant splotch which is a remnant of a zit (I'm in the luteal phase on CD 21 btw so AF is still 1 week away; WTF?) & my double chin.  Jeesh.  Oh & that's Vid seated next to me in his awesomely horrible Hawaiian shirt, too afraid to hold the baby.  If you've read this blog for any amount of time you know newborns freak him out but he loves toddlers.  I tell him they're more on his level & he usually tells me to shut up. :)

So, yeah, I survived.  I cooked my sister like 4 dishes so she can just heat & eat whenever she needs to.  She was super thankful & hysterical as always.  My brother-in-law took this week off as vacation time from work so between him, my parents & her in-laws she's got tons of help.  It was just my parents & us over there last night which was nice.

That's not to say I didn't cry when we got home.  I did; not a ton but yeah, I did.  I'll be ok though.  I have to be.  It's not his fault I'm infertile.  And it will be years before he can even understand what that means anyways.  I'd love to experience that kind of innocence again, before I knew I may never get to experience such a miracle of my own.


kthappy76 said...

He's adorable S. Congrats on becoming an auntie! It is hard when you are waiting for your own, but eat him up, being an aunt is all the fun w/o the responsibility. My sister had three of her four kids between our wedding and when we finally got pg and honestly hanging out with them helped me have hope that it would happen for us some day and reminded me why we were fighting so hard. ((hugs))

Rebecca said...

My husband is the same about holding infants, toddlers he is okay with.

Sometimes said...

He is beautiful. Proud of you for being so strong.