Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yet another nail in the coffin of the factory where I did IVF #1: apparently I am hypothyroid & was never told about it.


So Dr. D-W finally got my freaking records from them last week.  Who knew it took 6 weeks for a file to travel literally 2 miles down the road?  Anyways, she reviewed them & called me last night.  As I was in the shower (this was @ like 8pm) she left me a voicemail saying the following (roughly):

"I was reviewing your last bloodwork prior to your cycling for IVF & noticed your TSH was 3.5.  While it's not super high it's high enough for me to suggest putting you on a small dose of Synthroid.  I look for a TSH of under 3 for patients who cycle with me because the evidence is pregnancy rates go up & miscarriage rates go down @ that level.  Your last IUI here (June 2011) it was 2.8 so it's gone up.  Were you aware of this?  Call me or Wendy (the nurse) back & let me know."

Interesting.  My grandma (dad's mom) had her thyroid removed in her 40s.  Actually, most Portuguese women I know have thyroid issues, but I digress.  Grandma also had a history of miscarriages which may be related to that but since that was the 50s they really didn't have knowledge about it then.   

So I called back & left a message.  Wendy got back to me this morning & I will be able to pick up the med on my way home from work.  What's one more pill?


Rebecca said...

I too have had issues with borderline hypothyroidism in the past. Only twice was it bad enough to be put on a med for it. I hope that this drug really helps you.

ousoonerchick said...

It'll be ok. I've been on meds for years and everything is ok now. It was rough at first but it'll be ok! Ask me anything you want to know.

Stupid Stork said...

Just breezing by checking out fellow IF bloggers..

I found out I had levels around yours a few years ago (sorry you found this out after IVF - that would piss me off too!)

The good news is that once you go on a little syntrhoid you won't believe how it changes the little things you never thought about.. My sleep was always a little messed up, so was my weight, so was my internal weather system (I was always a little hot). One tiny pill a day, and it made all of that a lot better... Plus my RE says they like to see the numbers somewhere around 1.5-2 for IVF.