Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back from Ireland

Did ya miss me?

We had an awesome time with my cousins in County Kerry & exploring a bit of the country.  We were really lucky in that it only rained for one morning & was sunny the rest of the week; definitely not your typical Irish weather.

Alas, we got back last night & I went back to work today.  Vid is officially on vacation for the summer but will be teaching a class as an adjunct @ another college.  Lucky bastard.  

While we were gone a sad thing happened.  My parents' dog died.  MuShu (he was a Pekingese like my dog) was 16 & had a good life but it's still rough on us all.  I think the fact it happened while we were away & didn't get to say goodbye makes it worse.  He (like most Pekes) was such a sweet, mellow little guy; after all, the breed was basically bred to sit on the lap of the Chinese emperor, keep him warm & generally look cute.  I always thought he'd get to meet my kids & nap with them.  Yet another thing infertility ruined.

Another thing that happened was my cousin with the honeymoon baby had kid #2 on her 3rd anniversary.  Another perfect girl.  Whatever.

But let's not dwell on those things.  I promised some pics from our trip & will oblige.  These are only a few of about 200 but you'll get the idea:

Celtic High Cross @ Clonmacnoise

The technicolor green fields of the Dingle Peninsula 
 that reminded me of the 'Teletubbies' tv show
Abbey Island in Caherdaniel where most 
of my mom's family is buried

Kilmainham Gaol, the (IMHO)
coolest place in Dublin

Vid drunkenly leaning against the gate @ Guinness Storehouse
after drinking his beers & mine.  I don't like beer but the tour
was interesting.

Me sitting in 'The Wishing Chair' in Rossbeigh's playground,
hoping it will help with our upcoming FET.
 And for good measure, I bought a 
"grow your own 4 leaf clover" kit,
because we need all the luck we can get.

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Rebecca said...

Lovely pictures. Hope you had a good time in Ireland. Good luck on your FET.