Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers' Day...again

As our 5th "TTC-a-versary" draws near (next month), today marks my 4th Mothers' Day as a mother-in-waiting.  Today, I will not leave the house lest someone accidentally wish me a Happy Mothers' Day which I may or may not be able to handle in a graceful manner.  Would I smile awkwardly & just keep walking while trying not to cry, or throat punch such a person?  Yup; definitely safer to stay home.

While it's cool to see everyone's pics with their moms, both living & deceased, on Facebook, it's equally painful to see the posts of my friends & family with their little ones.  So, I decided to make my profile pic the photo I took with Nemo on his/her moving day:

This may be the only photo I ever take with my child.  Yes, Nemo is only a day 5 blast, but you cannot imagine the love I have for that little clump of cells.  If things actually go according to plan next month's FET, next year Nemo will be a 2 month old for Mothers' Day 2014.  If things go badly, there is a great likelihood that I will be in the same exact position next year as I am now: a childless mother.


Beth Kate said...

Facebook makes things like this so much harder, I think. Seeing pictures of people with their moms is incredibly difficult for me since this is my 16th Mothers Day without my mom. It's that much harder since we've been unsuccessful ttc so far. I can only imagine how difficult today is for you, but also, I can only imagine the love that you feel for your little Nemo. I hope and pray that you have that two month old this time next year.

Rebecca said...

Hoping that we all get our BFPs soon!

Well-intentioned said...

I'm done with facebook (for now) for these and other reasons. But I do love the pic you posted! I'm so excited for you guys to meet Nemo. Fingers crossed for you during the journey.

Melissa N. said...

We started trying in February of '08 so I can empathize with your pain. Mother's Day of 2012 was the hardest for me since it was the one following our miscarriage the previous October. I have faith that one year(hopefully next year!!) you will share in the holiday. By the way, the photo of you with your Nemo is just precious. Fingers crossed for a successful FET!!!