Thursday, May 2, 2013

Someone totes stole my idea!

Remember this post from about 18 mos ago when I wrote about wanting to do a performance piece on infertility in response to the woman who gave birth as one?  Well, someone else thought it would be a good idea too:

Encouraging transparency and demystification through baring her body and fertility journey, Marilee will become LIVING ART by literally taking her IVF hormone injections to the streets. This piece will take place over a 14 day period where every IVF injection will be visually accessible to the public and Live Streamed across the country on USTREAM. "There is so much isolation in this process. Even after 35 years of IVF procedures, people still have no idea what it truly involves and the intense highs and lows that women and couples go through. It's about time to break this silence and taking ownership over this process inherently filled with uncertainty."

On May 30th, 8 pm Marilee will do her first public injection at SOMArts as part of one of two full evening performance art pieces. During this performance, she will be unveiling her art installation inspired by a 1920's broken down hospital room, which will be open to viewers for the duration of the two weeks. From May 30th-June 12th as the hormone injections begin to affect Marilee's body, she will externalize her internal physical changes by transforming the old and distressed hospital installation into a vibrant and lush garden

Wonder if I can sue; ha!  And why is it that all I can think of when I hear "performance art" is this?

Yup, everything comes back to 'The Big Lebowski'.

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Rebecca said...

I thought about video documenting this FET for our future offspring but as a performance piece? Um, no!