Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good news coupled with bad news (per usual)

First, the good: I have an in-person interview for the job I posted about previously! It's on Wednesday afternoon 5/21 so I will be coming down with a mysterious illness that day & calling out of work. Bonus: the current director knows my undergrad advisor who I know will give me a good reference. Please, God, please!

The bad: Vid failed his road test. Seriously, I am so pissed. He's had numerous driving lessons that I've paid good money for even though I really can't afford it. He gets so nervous when driving with me I've all but given up on teaching him and honestly, gas is too expensive for me to drive him around for no reason. What really sucks is what errands I do run tend to be over the line in Massachusetts where he can't drive because they don't honor RI learning permits. So now he has to call the DMV & get a busy signal for 4 days to reschedule the test. And no I am not making that up; when he called to schedule this one it took him 4 days to get a real live person on the other end.

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