Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank the Lawd it's Friday!

So what's new you ask? Here's a brief recap of the past week:

Vid had part 1 of his sleep study on Wednesday night; part 2 is next week. The clinicians said he was very talkative while they were preparing him. My husband a "Chatty Cathy"? *snicker* He was most concerned with getting random patches shaved out of his chest hair; thankfully, minimal "manscaping" was required.

He had an interview on Wednesday & another today. He is now working closely with the career center where he got his Masters degree so maybe that will help him find a freakin' job.

In wedding news, I had my second dress fitting last night; just a few alterations. I found that the chocolate melts I need to make the favors are about 1/2 the price online as they were in the craft stores so I ordered them. Plus, I need to pay off the cake. Let's just say although I complain about being poor an awful lot, the next few weeks are going to be a financial challenge. I'm just focusing on the positive, such as the checks we will get from relatives! Go ahead & call me greedy; that's the one Bridezzilla thing I've said ever!

I haven't heard back from my dream job yet but haven't lost complete hope either. I sent them a thank you note & got an e-mail reply acknowledging it. The e-mail also said they had left messages for my references & asked for a writing sample which I gladly gave. In the meantime I'll spend the weekend wondering when I'll hear back & going over in my head the wonderful day that will be when I get to give my 2 weeks notice to my current employer. If I don't get it, I may cry; no, I will.

Now it's time to go pick up hubby from the commuter train. Then, it's time for pina coladas at home!

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