Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How could I forget?

They had their 4th trip to the US embassy today & finally got their visas approved. They arrive on 6/8 & will be here for a month. Now DH really needs to get a job so they don't drive him nuts. He is teetering between being thrilled to see them after almost 6 years & a sense of dread that all they will do is yell at him for not having a job; poor dear. "Oh, God", followed by muttering under the breath in Tamil is what I have been hearing as hubby paces the halls lately.

His parents will be staying mostly with his sister up in NH & traveling a bit around before the wedding. I can't wait to meet them finally & hope they don't drive DH to tears at the same time. And they better not ruin MY DAAAAAYYY. For cereal, if they pull any "Why didn't you marry a good Tamil girl" crap I will go ninja on their a$$es.

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