Tuesday, May 13, 2008

St. Cajetan, pray for us

I sent my CV a month ago & didn't honestly think I'd get an interview for it given how much HR sucks in most places. Lo and behold, the person who currently has this job is the one who screened the CV's, which may explain why I'm actually being interviewed & not passed up for someone's cousin. It would be so nice to have a position that actually uses my educational background & is intellectually stimulating! For those who don't know, I'm wrapping up my MA in Medical Anthropology with a specialization in African Studies so this is literally my dream job. My interview is @ 10am on Friday. Vidya also has another interview on Monday. Here's the job posting:

The Global Alliance to Immunize Against AIDS (GAIA) Vaccine Foundation is seeking a highly motivated, organized, and committed individual to serve as the Director of US operations on a part time basis. GAIA is directly involved in the support and implementation of HIV education, treatment, and prevention programs in Bamako, Mali.

This person is responsible for the operational and financial activities that sustain the organization. Daily responsibilities include: interfacing with staff in Mali; processing and translating financial data locally and from Mali; translating important documents, monthly reports, and clinical data; organizing Board of Director activities; and carrying light administrative duties.

The Director is responsible for the management of funds and the daily accounting operations. The Director will lead efforts in fundraising from sources such as our World AIDS Day benefit and symposium, corporate and foundation grants, and individual donors. The Director will coordinate and provide direction to student volunteers, interns, and associated staff. The Director will work directly with the Scientific coordinator.

The Director will also have the opportunity for travel in West Africa and to health related conferences around the world.
Compensation will be commensurate with experience. We encourage soon to be graduated or recently graduated individuals to apply. This position is an ideal stepping-stone to graduate school or medical school.

-BA/MA in anthropology, community health, or related field
-Strong facility with MS Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
-Working knowledge or the willingness to learn QuickBooks accounting software
-High quality writing and communication skills
-A willingness to work odd and long hours when necessary
-A commitment to global development and grassroots activism
-Multi-tasking abilities
-Highly effective organizational skills
-Competence in French
-Familiarity with public health and development interventions
-The ability to think conceptually, creatively, and strategically
-The capacity to set goals and follow through
-Experience with grant writing
-Keen attention to detail

It's almost too perfect. It's actually only a part time job but with weird hours since I have to be in contact with Mali (5 hours ahead of us). Still, with a slight cut in pay & not having drive all over hell & creation like I do now, I may actually end up making more @ GAIA. Of course, that's if I even get the job. God knows simply having an interview isn't a guarantee of employment or Vidya's have a dozen jobs by now. Anyways, let's hope for the best.

St. Cajetan (a.k.a. St. Gaetanus) is the patron saint of job seekers: http://saints.sqpn.com/saintc31.htm

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