Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I *fuzzy pink heart* my coordinator!

S. is such a nice lady to being with, but she is doing me such a huge favor I want to hug her, squeeze her & name her George.

Background: S. knows how much the hubby's unemployment has been weighing on me lately after almost 6 months. I've also been upfront about the fact if he doesn't get something in the area & soon we are looking elsewhere & I will be following him since, as an engineer, he makes more than double what I do when actually working. Let's just say she doesn't want to have to replace me considering how long it took to find someone to fill my position.

So S. was talking to her hubby one day & mentioned out tale of woe. S.'s hubby is also an engineer who works for a company my hubby applied to back in February but never heard anything back from them. He has been there for like 30 years & is buddies with the owner.

To make a long story short, I forwarded my hubby's resume to S. who then forwarded it to her hubby who e-mailed back with their home phone # saying to call him to set up a time to meet. So Vid is meeting/interviewing with S.'s hubby on Monday.

Whether or not anything comes of this, who knows? But it just goes to show you it's who you know when looking for a job, not what you know. Anywho, I really do *fuzzy pink heart* my coordinator!

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