Saturday, January 17, 2009


The high temp around these parts has been in the single digits for the past 2 days; brrr! Granted we in New England should be used to the snow & the cold, but it doesn't mean it's enjoyable. My favorite season is autumn; I love the crisp (not cold) temps & the colors. The warmer weather of spring may only be 8 weeks away but it sue doesn't seem like it.

I remember back in high school we got 6 inches of snow on April Fool's Day; nobody believed the weatherman when it was forecast. At the time we were hosting an exchange student from the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean; she had never seen snow before & took an entire roll of film of the white stuff.

My husband also comes from a tropical locale (southern India) but had seen snow several times in northern India. Last winter when we were living with my parents since he was unemployed my dad taught him how to use the snowblower which he thought was the best thing since sliced bread. Men & their toys! But now that we're back on our own & have to manually shovel snow he's not so into winter anymore. I promised him when we buy a house of our own I will get him a snowblower for his birthday or something.

Speaking of which, Vid's birthday was earlier this week. Since we both had to work that day, we didn't do anything uber-special except go out to dinner. And then since we're old we went to sleep @ 9:30 that night. His actual present is I got us tickets to go see Celtic Woman in March. The hubby loves them; he has a couple of their CDs & watches them whenever they are on PBS. My late grandma introduced him to Celtic Woman; yep, an Indian guy loves Irish music!

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Daphne said...

I hear ya. It doesn't matter that I was born and raised in Canada - I hate winter with a passion. I'd take hot and humid any day - despite the fact that it makes my hair all wavy and weird. And this winter has been particularly cold - it's not normally that bad here in Toronto, but lately it feels like I live in the Arctic!