Friday, January 23, 2009

"I need a hug."

"I need a hug."

My hubby says this to me at least a couple times a week; for a guy he is uber-snuggly, which can be either nice or annoying depending on my mood. When I got my period the other day, he needed one & I obliged since this now means we are past the 6 month mark of trying to make a baby. I think he was more disappointed to see Ye Olde arrive than I was.


I just don't get it. We've had perfect timing for the past 5 months using a combination of OPKs (ovulation prediction kits) & a CBEFM (Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor). Also, I have pretty much textbook 27 or 28 days cycles, complete with 13 or 14 day luteal phases. Translated into English, that means I'm normal.

*another sigh*

My parents & a few close friends know we are seeing a specialist next month. I wanted to smack my mother when she told me to "just relax"; my mom & I have a great relationship, but this was coming from a woman who had an oops (me) & only took 3 months to have a baby on purpose (my sister).

But onto happier things...

We are going to Florida! Vid has time off for spring break (he's college faculty) & with the winter we've been having 80 degrees sounds wonderful. It was only $300 for both of us to fly round trip; yay Southwest! And we'll be shacking up @ my aunt's house or her fiance's (she will stay with him & give us her place or he will stay with her & give us his place); very nice, especially since I will probably be ovulating around that time & we will need alone time unless we finally get pregnant this cycle.

Yep, that's what our lives have come to: having sex according to what the machine tells us. But I kind of like my mom's theory we may come back from Florida with a souvenir.


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