Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"A person's a person no matter how small..."

"A person's a person no matter how small..."

But how small is too small?

Well, the answer in states considering personhood legislation is no embryo (person in their mindset) is too small!

Currently in Arizona there is a bill being considered that would require all infertility clinics in the state to track, collect and report data on every single human embryo created and then publish that information publicly:

"...this newer bill seeks to capture and make publicly available information on the disposition of every embryo created in the process of in-vitro fertilization, and the results of every treatment involving ART. The information required is largely redundant to the statistics and information submitted to the CDC, most of which is publicly available.”

HIPAA violation, anyone?

I just want the government out of my life.  Politically, I'm what you'd term a libertarian.  I mean, if you're going to publish  info on my IVF then why not publish a notice in the newspaper every 28 days when my period comes & I may or may not have had a viable embryo expelled from my uterus before it implanted?

Over the course of 3 IVFs we transferred 4 embryos, none of which stuck: The Lone Ranger, Cheech & Chong, and Stewie.  They had names.  I had hope.  And they are not persons, because they are not here with me now.  They never implanted, never grew & were never born.

I have 1 frozen embryo we will likely transfer this summer: Nemo.  Yes, 1 frosty out of 3 cycles & I'm not even dx with DOR. Because as you know only a small % of women undergoing IVF ever have any embryos to freeze. But the media makes it sound like every IVF is a success & we all have 2,375 frosties just waiting for us to destroy them. So not the case. And anyways, no matter if one considers herself "pro life" or "pro choice", if you're infertile, really, the only thing you want is a child.


ReadyForMyTurn said...

Very well said. And very scary.

ADSchill said...

They feel the need to control everything. It's infuriating. Go away.

Rebecca said...

Very true. I too want the government out of my reproductive organs. Since they didn't help pay to get me pregnant they then should have no say in what I do with embabies either, not like I have any.

jak said...

jesus h, what's next, jailing people for chemical pregnancies?!

its shocking that these are the very same people who want to CUT govt spending. right, so, a giant program to monitor OTHER PEOPLE'S NARDS is a great way to cut govt spending. if the republican party doesnt come closer to the middle they are going to implode. not that i care...