Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowed in

We survived "Nemo".  No, I'm not referring to the lone frosty we have of the same name, but to the blizzard that hit us here in New England over the weekend.  We got about 2 feet of snow.  And right now it's pouring rain, which will freeze overnight, since the city did such a shit job plowing.  Here's a photo of my street AFTER they plowed:

Yeah.  My little Hyundai Elantra got stuck twice in the slush coming home from work today.  We actually got out of work early because they were worried about the parking garage collapsing from the weight of the snow.  So, they ordered a big front end loader to haul off the snow from the top level to God knows where.  Vid's university cancelled classes so he didn't have to teach today.  We're supposed to get more snow Wednesday & maybe even more next weekend.  Lovely.

We lost power around 9pm Friday night.  No power means no CPAP for my husband's apnea & therefore no sleep for me either.  Thankfully, we have a gas stove so we could still cook.  We used our fireplace for the 1st time.  My ginormous collection of Yankee Candles actually came in handy as we read by firelight, crochet (me) & watched DVDs on the laptop.  Power came back on around midnight Saturday going into Sunday; the thermostat read 41 degrees @ that point.  I was grateful for a snuggly dog & cat, let me tell you!

And before you ask, there was no hanky panky going on since Aunt Flo was in town.  But I can promise you this: I will throat punch anyone who makes a comment about all the babies that will be born in November because of this storm!


Rebecca said...

Hope the roads don't get worse.

jak said...

fucking love this post - "throat punch". (just catching up now on blogs that require gmail identities, sorry, haha). glad you guys survived it. i have family up there and they were also without power, with a house in the 30's - 40's F. not fun.